Dr. Susan Adler

Before Your First Visit

Preparing to see Dr. Adler

The first step in preparing to see Dr. Susan Adler is to contact her either by telephone (914 253-4927) or by email. At that time you will then be sent or emailed the following forms to complete:

  1. Registration Form
  2. HIPPA Form

    If Neuropsychological Testing is going to be done, the following will also be sent or emailed to you:

  3. Childhood History Form
  4. Neuropsychological Testing Form (Describes rates, time frames, etc.)
  5. Other specific forms for you and/or the teachers to complete.

Please bring the following with you:

  1. School records and/or teacher reports
  2. Standardized testing
  3. Copies of prior testing such as psychological or educational testing
  4. Forms I have emailed you
  5. Contract and registration
  6. Social history (which will be emailed to you)
  7. Any other information you think might be pertinent

If your child is coming for  Neuropsychological Testing please also bring the following:

  1. A snack
  2. Something for him/her to drink
  3. A way to reach you

The evaluation process can take up to 3 or 4 days of face to face testing time. Usually sessions will last 2 to 4 hours depending on your child's ability to attend.

Please let Dr. Adler know if you have any questions or concerns such as how to discuss the testing with your child.

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